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I/O And Driver Modules Interface From Any USB

The JSB-450 series of digital I/O and driver modules allow users to interface to digital inputs and outputs from any universal serial bus (USB). The JSB-450, for low-current applications, and the JSB-458, with high-current capability, both employ a 50-pin connector for compatibility with industry-standard I/O mounting racks. The JSB-458 is designed with 24 high-voltage and high-current Darlington sink-driver outputs. Additional features of both devices include a temperature range of -300°C to 700°C, a buffered transceiver, hysteresis-on-input lines, fused power inputs with auto reset, Windows 98 drivers, and a USB cable and sample interface source code. Pricing for the JSB-450-24 with 24 I/O lines and enclosure is $140 and the JSB-450-48 with 48 I/O lines and enclosure is $165. With Darlington output lines, they are priced at $190 and $220, respectively. A DIN-rail option is available for $5.

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