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I/O Modules Interface To Any RS-232 Serial Device

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Extending the functionality of the firm’s SNAP Ethernet I/O system to new levels, the SNAP-SCM-232 two-channel serial communication modules are designed to interface to any RS-232 serial device. The unit offers baud rates ranging from 300 to 115,200 through two RJ-45-type connectors mounted on top of the module. All adapter cables with both male and female cable-to-D-shell connectors are included. Ready-to-send (RTS) and clear-to-send (CTS) allows users to communicate with devices such as radios or modems directly from the serial ports. Moreover, each port is individually optically isolated at up to 750VRMS for an additional level of protection from errant voltage spikes.The SNAP Ethernet I/O system enables users to place I/O close to data sources and to multiplex all signals back on an Ethernet network.

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