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I/O Network Intermingles Peripheral Power & Communication

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Cable requirements are said to be reduced to just two conductors that carry both power and signals with Interbus Loop, which uses the power supply not only to power the I/O devices, but also to transmit network signals to the devices. This technology modulates the Interbus protocol signal onto the power supply. Connections are easier with a waterproof IDC circular connector for round cables.The Interbus Loop uses the same protocol as the Interbus I/O network standard, enabling one protocol to communicate with a wide range of devices, from high-level Devicebus products such as process controllers, down to simple Sensorbus devices such as photoelectric and proximity sensors.The initial release of Interbus Loop is a developer's kit that includes the protocol chips and supporting components and I/O modules. The kit enables manufacturers of sensors and actuators to incorporate Interbus Loop directly onto their products.

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