Electronic Design

IP News Roundup

The first IP library to support the creation of power islands is Virtual Silicon's VIP PowerSaver. Targeted at TSMC's 130-nm process, this standard-cell library lets SoC designers use power islands to dynamically control voltage and frequency for dramatic drops in power consumption for portable electronics. It's characterized for 0.8-, 1.0-, and 1.2-V operation. Design kits can be downloaded for evaluation at www.virtual-silicon.com.

Through alliances with major IP vendors, Magma Design Automation has lined up a slate of "Magma-ready" IP. Partners will provide synthesis and reference methodology support for soft-IP products and verification of industry-standard views for hard IP. Partners include Artisan, Denali, Mentor Graphics, Qualcore Logic, Rambus, SuperH, TriCN, and Virage Logic. Visit www.magma-da.com.

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