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Iron Bugs Out Of ARM-Based Wireless Systems

The iSolve products use fast, high-fidelity models, which replace custom hardware prototypes with hardware-assisted, system-level verification solutions. With the inclusion of one or more models in a design, system verification can be performed at megahertz speeds using transaction-based acceleration or in-circuit emulation from Mentor's recently announced Veloce product.

By using iSolve products with ARM RealView Core Tiles and soft macrocell models, customers can take advantage of a powerful, hardware-assisted, co-verification environment that speeds execution times by up to 10,000 times that of regular software simulators. In particular, iSolve products for the ARM architecture are based on fully validated models, created by ARM and delivered to Mentor. In addition, they provide a connection to the ARM debug tools, such as RealView ICE, for detailed software debugging.

Because iSolve products for the ARM architecture are based on a full model of the ARM processor represented in hardware, they execute significantly faster than equivalent software models. This allows designers to readily run large amounts of software code against their hardware and expose design flaws early in the verification process.

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