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Java Microcontroller Includes Real-Time Kernel

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The aJ-100 is claimed to be the industry's first single-chip Java microcontroller with an embedded, real-time kernel. The device is said to have been specifically developed to allow users to take advantage of the benefits of Java development in a compact package with the processing performance to support embedded systems. The device also provides hardware support for concurrent execution of multiple, independent Java applications in a deterministic, time-sliced schedule with full memory protection. Each application environment can employ its own multithreading and memory utilization policies without the threat of intervention by faulty or malicious applications. Other features include 32-bit direct Java bytecode execution, native Java threading support, multiple JVM support, and 48 KB of on-chip SRAM. The aJ-100 is available in a 160-pin LQFP and is implemented in 3.3V/2.5V and 0.25µ CMOS. Pricing is $20 each in quantity.

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