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LAN Enabled DAQ System Seeks Multi Channel Chores

Accommodating low to high channel counts involving Ethernet communications, the 2680A data-acquisition (DAQ) system provides up to 120 channels and is scalable to 2,000 universal channels per system. The unit employs a front-end chassis style with six slots: five hold any combination of 20-channel universal input modules and a sixth accommodates an analog-input module or digital I/O relay module. Using TCP/IP and 10/100 BaseT, the analog modules employ a patented universal input design that eliminates the need for signal conditioning. Modules include the 2680A fast analog input (FAI) module with 1,000 rps and the 2680A precision analog input (PAI) with up to 300V of channel-to-channel isolation. The 2680A chassis is priced at $2,995 and the PAI and FAI cost $1,295 and $1,595, respectively. FLUKE CORP., Everett, WA. (888) 492-7556.

Company: FLUKE CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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