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LAN Modules Collaborate With 100 Mb Auto MDIX Switches

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The company's new series of LAN magnetics modules is designed for use with 100 Mb LAN switches that incorporate Auto MDIX data path self-correcting technology. These magnetic modules are claimed to meet the symmetry requirements for transmit and receive channels for meeting IEEE 802.3 and FCC emissions standards.
The new series of parts includes the H1140, H1141, and H1164. The H1140 provides eight isolated channels with two common-mode chokes per channel. The H1141 offers the same features but in a single-port configuration. The H1164 has the transmit and receive common-mode chokes on the line side and a common center tap for each port. Other features include 1,500 Vrms isolation and an open-circuit inductance of 350 µH minimum with an 8-mA bias.
Depending on the model, prices range from $1.65 to $4.36 each/10,000.

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