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Laser Measurement System Taps CCD Technology To Achieve High Accuracy

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Claiming unsurpassed accuracy and performance, the LK Series of laser-based triangulation measurement systems comes in a high-accuracy model (LK-031 having a 30-mm ±5 mm range) and a long-range model (LK-081 having an 80-mm ±15 mm range). Designed for surface profiling and measurement of thickness, height, width, position and size of metals and other materials, the new laser displacement meters use a CCD sensing array to obtain resolutions considerably higher than can be achieved with existing, laser/position sensitive detector (PSD)-based measuring systems. The LKs boast of a 1.0-micron resolution and ±1% F.S. linearity, with the units' high accuracy said to be unaffected by target color, surface texture, or stray light for practically every application. Other features of the LK controllers include a response speed selection system, an alarm circuit for sensing false alarm conditions, an auto-zero for simplifying calibration, and more.

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