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Laser Power Meter Works With Wide Range Of Thermal Heads

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Designed to meet the growing need for a simple, easy-to-use, low-cost meter that permits quick measurement of laser power, the ORION/TH laser power meter supports more than 50 different thermal heads in the µW to 20 kW range. The device's smart connector heads automatically configure and calibrate the meter when plugged in. Preferred start-up configuration can be set by the user and stored in head smart plugs. The meter can be zeroed at the press of a button and a 32 x 122-pixel graphics Supertwist LCD with EL backlight and soft keys guides the user through the screen graphics. The configuration can be saved for future use.
A high-impact blue plastic molded case with EMI conductive shielding to CE standard allows use even in close proximity to pulsed lasers. The meter operates as a portable with up to 18 hours or service without battery recharge or can be operated using an ac adapter. Price starts at $550.

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