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Laser-Processed Logic Devices Replace Altera MAX 7000 CPLDs

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A family of Laser-Processed Logic Devices (LPLDs) has been developed that is designed to provide pin-compatible replacements for Altera's MAX 7000 CPLDs. The LPLD technology reportedly can eliminate over one million transistors from Altera's largest (512-macrocell) MAX 7512A device, reducing die size and cost by up to 60% and 50%, respectively. Three initial product families, the CL7000, CL7000E and CL7000S, will be ready in the first quarter of 1999 to replace MAX 7000, MAX 7000E and MAX 7000S devices, respectively.Because the LPLDs use the same types of logic resources as do the Altera devices, their functionality and pinouts are said to be identical. MAX 7000 bit-streams can be ported directly to the LPLD devices without any modifications, it's claimed. The devices' architecture replaces Altera's Programmable Interconnect Array (PIA) with a Laser-configured Interconnect Array (LIA). In each place where the MAX 7000 devices have a connection point in its PIA, the LIA uses a single metal fuse that replaces the function of 11 transistors used in the Altera architecture.

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