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Laser Sensor Measures Distance Up To 50 Meters

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Said to precisely measure the distance to an object at ranges of up to 50m, the L-GAGE LT3 Time-of-Flight Sensor is a self-contained, Class 2 laser distance-gauging device. It pulses one million times per second, and its microprocessor mathematically averages 1,000 pulses every 0.001 second to provide the measurement data.Sensing ranges are 0.3m to 3m for gray targets and 0.3m to 5m for white targets. A retroflective model is available for applications that require more sensing range, up to 50m. In addition, the LT3 has a measurement resolution of 1 mm, depending on response speed. It features both a discrete (switched) output and an analog output, or both simultaneously, with independently programmable window limits. Prices begin at $845. BANNER ENGINEERING CORP., Minneapolis, MN. (888) 373-6767.

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