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Lastest Version Of Analysis Software Hits New Speed Mark

The DM7 suite of Design Master analysis tools has achieved a new benchmark of performance. Used by engineers and scientists for over a decade, Design Master now achieves worst-case solutions at extremely high speed, including probability-based risk assessment that surpasses Monte Carlo techniques, according to Design/Analysis Consultants Inc. A report comparing the performance of Design Master to Excel-based Monte Carlo can be downloaded from www.daci-wca.com/DM7_MonteCarlo.zip.

All of the other feature of Design Master remain the same in DM7, including its easy-to-use interface, worst-case solutions, ability to resolve circular references, complex number (Bode plot) capabilities, proper processing of static and dynamic variables, normalized sensitivities, optimization, and generation of Word-format reports. A free Design Master Viewer can be downloaded at www.daci-wca.com/DM7V.zip.


Design Master is available now.


A single-user subscription for Design Master costs $595, with a 30-day subscription only $78. A trial version can be ordered at www.daci-wca.com/order_001.htm.


Visit www.daci-wca.com.

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