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Library Compiler Validates Current-Source Libraries

Updates to Synopsys’ Library Compiler library-characterization tool now enable current-source library validation, correlation, compaction, and model translation, all with near-HSpice simulation accuracy.

Current-source modeling is a key technology that significantly increases library accuracy by modeling new effects that have emerged at process technologies of 65 nm and smaller. Widespread adoption of this modeling technology has been hindered by the lack of library quality-assurance tools, a multifold increase in data size, and multiple standards. To address these challenges, Synopsys has enhanced Library Compiler to include a suite of library quality-assurance, compaction, merging, scaling, and model translation functions.

Using the open-source Liberty Composite Current Source (CCS) models, these Library Compiler capabilities give library developers greater flexibility in delivering verified libraries at scaled voltage or temperature corners for tool flows from multiple vendors. Library Compiler helps ensure high-quality CCS models for end users by performing automated validation and closed-loop correlation checking between PrimeTime and the HSpice simulator. Library Compiler can also create legacy non-linear delay models (NLDMs) or other third-party current-source models from CCS models, since they are a universal superset.

Library Compiler is available today, with the newest functionality enhancements in limited customer availability in the 2007.03 release. General availability will commence with the 2007.06 release.



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