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Life-Cycle Portal Eases Product Development

Keeping track of product development is more than just tracking a schedule with a project-management application. The development cycle generates thousands or even millions of artifacts, from meeting notes to application source code. I-Logix's Web-based iNotion 2.0 helps coordinate this task.

Standard services include project, library, task, component, inspection, and subscription and notification management. Cross-linking of artifacts improves tracking and ad hoc navigation of information stored in iNotion's database. It handles multiple time, language, and geography issues.

The iNotion portal is designed for use by all members of a product team, such as project managers, developers, marketing, and quality assurance. Suppliers and customers can even use it with appropriate restrictions on sensitive material. All that's needed is a Web browser, as it works with Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, and other browsers.

Size is irrelevant. It works efficiently with small companies or groups, as well as with large enterprises. It supports multisite environments and complies with DO-178B, ISO, and CMM (Capability Maturity Model).

This latest version of iNotion provides bidirectional support for MS Project. The user interface is enhanced to show highlights about a person's related projects and responsibilities. Other applications can be integrated with iNotion. Third-party interfaces are supported. An application programming interface (API) is available for custom enhancements.

Pricing for iNotion starts at $1700 per user, with a yearly maintenance fee of $340. Quantity discounts are available.


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