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Lightweight, Rechargeable Lithium Power Sources Are Wearable

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Lithium ion polymer technology has been to tapped to create compact, lightweight, wearable batteries for use in powering portable military and industrial computer, communications, and other electronic products. Measuring only 4" x 6" and said to be lighter than nickel metal hydride counterparts, the wearable power sources are designed to fit into vest pockets and to allow various voltage taps to be picked as needed. The lithium cells offer 14 Ah of rechargeable capacity at 12V. They can be recharged up to 500 times and can discharge at a rate as high as 2C. A single charge lasts about eight hours. Samples of the power source are available now, with limited production scheduled for mid '99.The firm is also developing a non-rechargeable, lithium thionyl choride cell that can provide 30 Ah of capacity in the same wearable design.

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