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Limit Switch Employs Low Hysterisis Sensor

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A new limit switch features a precision inductive sensor with a hysterisis of less than 1 µm, claimed as the lowest on the market. The IPS05/4608KS inductive sensor switch has a sensing distance of 0.9 mm ±10% for a mild steel target, and 0.35 mm for an aluminum target. The manufacturer claims excellent repeatability. The sensor itself is just 20 mm long with an amplifier 38 mm long. The switch assembly is well suited for applications requiring sensing of metal targets where extreme accuracy is required. Electrical ratings for the switch are 5 Vdc ±5% with a power consumption of less than 10 mA and an output current of 100 mA. The normally open switch uses NPN output logic. Both the sensor body and the amplifier body are stainless steel.

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