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Linear Displacement Transducers Deliver Absolute Position Sensing

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Offered as an alternative to proximity switches where continuous linear feedback is necessary, the EZ-Track programmable, auto-tuning non-contact linear displacement transducers (LDTs) employ magnetostrictive technology to monitor the position of a magnet along the sensor’s active stroke without causing any wear on its parts. The transducers provide an accuracy of ±0.1% and a repeatability of ±0.01% of the full stroke, which reportedly achieves absolute-position sensing. They are 10 Vdc to 30 Vdc components and are available in stroke lengths from 4" to 180" in increments of 0.1". Output ranges are 0V to 10V, 10V to 0V, -10V to 10V, 10V to -10V, 4 to 20 mA, and 20 to 4 mA. In addition, their anodized aluminum housings are sealed to IP67. A complete package with accessories is also available. Prices begin at $440. TURCK INC., Minneapolis, MN. 800-544-7769.

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