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Linter Weeds Bugs Out Of SystemC Code

Linters have been around for years for HDLs, but they're just now maturing for languages like SystemC. Version 2.6 of Actis Design's AccurateC code analyzer for SystemC extends the existing application programming interface (API) to allow access to internal design data in terms of SystemC constructs. These include modules, processes, variables, interfaces, and signals.

AccurateC's rule-wizard function has been beefed up to make automatic rule generation easier. In addition, AccurateC combines C++ syntax checking with SystemC semantics checking to quickly expose coding problems before entering the simulation and synthesis loop (see the figure). It also lets users perform customizable, pre-compilation analyses that cut down design iterations.

AccurateC ranges from $9000 to $30,000 for a one-year license.

Actis Design

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