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Linux Developer Suite Delivers Broad System Support

Embedded open-source developers have more choice with the Red Hat Embedded Linux Developer Suite. This suite supports MIPS, SuperH, x86, PowerPC, and ARM/StrongARM/XScale processor architectures using the latest 2.4 Linux kernel.

The suite includes a new GUI configuration tool that provides fine-grain configuration of the targeted environment. It also features Red Hat's RedBoot embedded bootloader/BIOS for standardized debugging and bootstrap support, as well as the latest version of Red Hat Linux RPM packages optimized for cross development.

Its GNUPro cross-development tools for all architectures are based on gcc3. Cross-platform development and migration is facilitated with glibc 2.2 libraries for all architectures.

The Embedded Linux Developer Suite is available immediately. Contact Red Hat for pricing and support packages.

Red Hat Inc., 2600 Meridian Pkwy., Durham, NC 27713; (919) 547-0012; fax (919) 547-0024; www.redhat.com.

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