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Locking Mains Power Connector's Contacts Can Handle 20A/240V

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Designed to fill the gap between low-cost, non-locking CEE 22 Type 113 (IEC 320) connectors and larger, more expensive 3-phase power plugs, PowerCon locking ac power connectors consist of a NAC 3 FPA A-Type inlet unit and a NAC 3 FPB B-Type outlet unit. Each unit offers a three-pole connection system with contacts for live, neutral and protective earth handling up to 20A/240V. The ground connector pre-mates before the power mains connect to prevent shocks and sparks. And the contacts are designed to prevent arcing damage when PowerCon plugs are disconnected under load. Cable connectors feature solid contacts with screw-type terminals, while chassis-mount types are wired quickly with flat quick-connect terminations, IEC 780 and DIN 4824T.

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