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Low-Cost I/O Module Provides Isolated I/Os

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Connecting to a PC via the parallel port, the ISIO I/O module in a PC/104 card form-factor provides four isolated transistor or relay outputs and eight isolated inputs. The card gets its power from a PC/104 stack, but otherwise does not use the PC/104 interface. Because it uses the printer port, it can be located up to 10 feet away from the host PC. Relay outputs are SPDT types rated at 2A/24 Vdc, or 1A/120 Vac, with normally open and normally closed contacts. Transistor outputs are rated at 1A/48 Vdc maximum and inputs are rated at 48 Vdc maximum/continuous with a minimum input sensitivity of 10 Vdc. Price for a module with transistor outputs is $79 and with relay outputs, $99 each/100s.

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