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Low-Cost LPLDs Replace Popular Altera CPLDS

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Designed as a socket-compatible replacement for Altera's MAX 7512AE CPLD, the CL7512AE is offered as a no reengineering (NRE) cost device. Production quantities are priced as low as 60% below the MAX device and are available within four weeks.CL7512AE has approximately one million fewer transistors than the original device and is manufactured with a 45% smaller die size, allowing it to consume 30% less power. The device is available in 144-pin TQFPs, 208-pin PQFPs, and 256-ball BGA packages with propagation delays of 6 ns, 7 ns, 10 ns and 12 ns. Prices start at $11.60 for the CL7512AETC144-12, each/100,000.

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