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Low Dielectric-Constant Material Boosts Antenna Performance

RT/duroid 5880LZ has the lowest Dk for a copper-clad laminate available in the market, according to the manufacturer. This allows the material to deliver improved antenna efficiency. The material is a lightweight, PTFE-based composite optimized with a unique filler that provides a very low density (1.37 g/cm3 and a low coefficient of thermal expansion in the z-axis. This makes 5880LZ well-suited for fabricating high-frequency circuits with plated through-holes and allows higher vehicle payloads. With a thermal coefficient of dielectric constant of 22 ppm/°C, the material enables consistent circuit performance and stable dielectric constant versus temperature. Because of its low dielectric constant of 1.96, the material supports broadband applications at the microwave through millimeter-wave frequencies, where dispersion losses must be minimized. RT/duroid 5880LZ is available as a laminate with a variety of electrodeposited copper weights and dielectric thicknesses. ROGERS CORP., ADVANCED CIRCUIT MATERIALS DIV., Rogers, CT. (860) 774-9605.


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