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Low-Insertion-Loss Crossband Coupler Handles High Power

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The WSD-00150 Crossband Coupler is designed for co-located AMPS/PCS or GSM/DCS systems, tunnel or remote location AMPS/PCS or GSM/DCS coupling, and dual-band handset testing. The cellular passband ranges from 800 to 980 MHz and the DCS/PCS passband is 1.7 to 2 GHz. The unit's low insertion loss within the passband is specified at 0.3dB max. and is typically 0.15dB. The passband return loss is specified at 15dB min. for all ports. Passband to passband isolation is a minimum of 60dB and typically 70dB. The maximum power-handling capability of WSD-00150 is rated at 500W CW and 10,000W peak instantaneous (PIP).

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