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Low-Power 8-Bit A/D Converter Comes In Tiny Package

Said to be the industry's first low-power, 3V, 8-bit A/D converter in a 6-pin SOT-23 package, the ADCV0831 dissipates only 720 µW typical from a single 3V supply and comes with an automatic shutdown for additional power savings. In shutdown mode, the converter draws less than 10 nA. The ADCV0831 uses a comparator structure with built-in sample-and-hold for converting input voltage to a successive approximation routine. The serial communication format, consisting of a serial data link with the controlling processor, allows the integration of many functions in this small package. It also eliminates transmission of low-level analog signals by locating the converter at the analog signal source to facilitate transmission of highly noise-immune digital data back to the host processor. The I/O is a three-wire interface compatible with firm's MICROWIRE and Motorola's SPI standards. Samples are available now.

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