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Low-Power ADC Suits Imaging Uses

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Designed to work with scanners and imaging devices, the XRD6406 is a low-power, a/d converter offering 10-bit resolution and running at a clock rate of 6 MSPS. The 5V device is pin-compatible with firm's MP8784 but is fabricated in 0.6-µm technology for lower price and improved performance. The device utilizes a two-stage conversion technique to attain low power consumption and is a low-power alternative for communications applications with bandwidths up to 2 MHz. An internal sample-and-hold function reduces the number of external components required using the device, allowing it to digitize analog inputs signals between AGND and AVpp. Users can then select between internally generated or externally generated reference voltages. Also, the reference ladder taps can be used to trim any INL errors. Tri-state output buffers allow several converters to share the same bus without contention. Power dissipation is only 65 mW typical. The device is available in 24-lead SOIC and PDIP packaging.

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