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Low-Power Temperature Switches Suit Range Of Apps

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Concerns over small size, low power and low installed cost are addressed with the TC6501 and TC6502 low-power temperature switches. Offering pin-selectable hysteresis in a tiny 5-pin SOT-23A package, the switches require no external components and are suited for a wide range of applications from notebook computers and PCs to set-top boxes. Designed for high temperature monitoring, the devices assert a logic signal when the die temperature crosses the factory-programmed thresholds, available from 35°C to 115°C in 10°C increments. With a very low, 17-µA supply current, the switches typically dissipate very little power and operate over the entire -55°C to +125°C temperature range at an accuracy of ±0.5°C. They offer added flexibility and prevent the output from chattering at or near the trip temperature point with an external hysteresis input pin, which allows users to select either 2°C or 10°C hysteresis. In a 5-pin SOT-23A packages, the devices cost $0.58 each/10,000.

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