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Low-Profile Connectors Designed For LCD Circuits

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Type BHT connectors are specifically designed for interconnecting LCD backlight lamps and their starters. Electrical creepage distance is sufficient for high voltage (1500V ac/dc) use. The connectors have a low profile of only 2.8 mm (0.110") after mounting. The housing has a 2-piece construction to prevent the contact for the higher voltage side from being exposed. The lower voltage side contact is shorter to make insertion easier, even with thin wires. The BHT disconnectable, crimp-style connector's two circuits are rated at 1.0A ac/dc. Withstanding voltage is 4000 Vac/minute. Wire sizes AWG #28 to #24 are accommodated. Temperature range is -25°C to +85°C. Surface-mount headers are provided on embossed tape for automatic insertion equipment. The connectors are typically priced at $0.83 each in OEM quantities.

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