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Low-Voltage Dual Switches Deliver Analog Performance

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The NC7WB66K8 is claimed to be the industry's smallest leaded, dual analog CMOS bus switch with independent enables. Implemented as two separate n and p channel CMOS pairs, the pass-gate switches feature a supply voltage range of 1.65V to 5.5V. Analog performance characteristics include a typical on-resistance flatness of 8 ohms across a peak-to-peak signal range of 0V to 3V, resulting in minimal signal distortion. Additionally, on-resistance matching between the two independent switches is within 0.2 ohms. Other analog specifications include a crosstalk between channels of -70 dB at 10 MHz, and a 3-dB bandwidth of 200 MHz. The package measures 2.1 mm x 3.1 mm, including the leads, with a maximum height of 0.9 mm and a lead pitch of 0.5 mm. The device's ac specifications include a 3V propagation delay of 0.7 ns and enable/disable times of 2.5 to 3.0 ns. Pricing is $0.40 each/3,000.

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