Electronic Design

Lower-Cost RF/Microwave Design Tool Offers Full Accuracy

A new variant of Concerto, Vector Fields Inc.'s advanced RF and microwave design software, offers 3D finite-difference time domain (FDTD) analysis at a much lower cost than the full version but without any compromise in performance or accuracy. ConcertoES is for designers who feel they do not need all of the advanced features in the full version of Concerto, the company said.

The lower-cost version is being introduced with the release of Concerto version 6. It consists of Concerto's advanced geometric modeler and FDTD solver, and is a fully capable electromagnetic design suite with a maximum model size sufficient for many applications. ConcertoES can be upgraded to the full-scale version, when needed.

Concerto version 6, meanwhile, adds a number of new features and enhancements to the design software. It now has a much-improved modeler, with history and parameterization tools, an enhanced MoM solver with special features for predicting installed antenna performance, improved optimization technology, an auto mesh refinement tool, and a link to AWR Microwave Office. Users can also opt for a Linux 64-bit version and a new Finite Element solver for eigen value analysis. For further information, go to www.vectorfields.com.

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