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LPLD Is Socket-Compatible With Altera MAX 7256A PLD

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The CL7256A, the latest member of the CL7000A family of 3.3V Link Processed Logic Devices (LPLDs), is said to be 100% socket-compatible with Altera's MAX 7256A PLD, but has a 45% smaller die and typically consumes 30% less power. The CL7256A LPLDs can directly accept MAX 7256A programming files because they have coarse grained logic structures that are similar to those in the MAX device, including macrocell arrays and a central signal routing matrix. The architecture allows the CL7256A to offer the same functionality as the MAX 7256A, including pin-outs and I/O loading, with 250,000 fewer transistors. Pricing for the CL7256ATC100-12 starts at $5.80 each/100,000.

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