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LPLD Technology Yields Parts Said To Outperform Altera CPLDs

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Based on Laser-Processed Logic Device (LPLD) technology, two new devices have been developed that are said to outperform Altera MAX 7000 CPLDs. Pin-compatible with MAX EPM7128 CPLDs, the speediest of the CL7128 LPLDs are reportedly 20% faster- 5 versus 6 ns- than the Altera parts, suiting the new chips for use in networking and telecomm applications. In addition, the LPLDs eliminate the need both for customer programming and on-chip programming transistors- the resulting lower transistor count significantly reduces parasitic capacitance, die size and pin-to-pin delays. Prototypes of CL7128 LPLDs ship in two weeks and production quantities in four weeks.

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