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LVDS VCXOs Now Come In Low-Cost, Miniature Packages

The latest addition to the XpressO oscillator series is a 2.5-V LVDS VCXO with a range of 0.75 MHz to 1.0 GHz. The FVXO-LC52 comes in a RoHS-compliant 5- by 3.2-mm package at the same price as the larger 7- by 5-mm package. The oscillators use a third-order delta-sigma modulator to reduce noise to a level comparable to traditional bulk quartz and SAW oscillators. The devices offer a frequency resolution to six decimal places, an absolute pull range of ±50 ppm, and operating temperatures of ?20°C to 70°C or ?40°C to 85°C. The packages use an industry-standard footprint and pin-out, have a tri-state enable/disable feature, and are constructed with a gold-over-nickel termination finish. In addition, the series incorporates the company's patented serial identification system with comprehensive traceability to ensure quality control. All finished XpressO parts are 100% final tested. Pricing for an FVXO-LC52B XpressO VCXO oscillator at 212.5 MHz in quantities of 1000 is $3.16 per unit. Delivery is next day for samples and 10 days for volume production. FOX ELECTRONICS, Fort Meyers, FL. (888) 438-2369.




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