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Magnetics Design Tool Adds Cores And Materials

An expanded core database with new cores and materials is the centerpiece of the latest version of Magnetics Designer, the company's transformer and inductor design tool. A partial list of the program's core geometries includes Toroid, EP, RS and DS ferrites from Magnetics, and EPC, LP and EER ferrites from TDK. Other features include the ability for users to define their own winding-related calculations, such as current density, power, losses, thickness/build, IR drop, and terminal voltage.The tool designs and synthesizes all types of transformers and inductors. Typical applications include: high-frequency switching regulator transformers and output chokes for off-line, full-wave and forward converters; 60-Hz, single-phase line transformers; ac inductors; planar magnetics; and 400-Hz aircraft transformers. An evaluation copy is available from the company's website.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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