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Mass Storage Subsystem Rides On 3U cPCI Card

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Occupying a single 3U CompactPCI slot, the SC3 storage subsystem provides 64 MB to 8 GB of flash memory or up to 40 GB of hard disk storage. A SCSI controller and BIOS ROM are also provided, eliminating the need for SCSI or PMC adapters. And an optional J2 connector allows the Ultra-Wide SCSI bus to be distributed through rear I/O. The card is compliant with ANSI X3 131-1994, as well as with a wide range of drivers. Options for the SC3 include disk or DAT drive emulation, 256- or 512-byte sector sizes, and the ability to set logic capacity by de-stroking and to partition the storage media into multiple units. Price of a 2-GB flash unit is $3,600 and a 40-GB hard-disk card is $750. ADTRON, Phoenix, AZ. (602) 735-0300.

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