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MCUs Bring ADC And Loads Of Flash To High-End Apps

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The flexibility of in-the-field self-programmability, large memory and data arrays for text storage, and a feature-rich peripheral set are expected to help the PIC18F6X20 and PIC18F8X20 series of flash microcontrollers make sizeable inroads into the markets for high-end industrial, computing, telecomm and consumer products. Among the circuitry found on-chip are up to 1 Mb of high-endurance, fast erase/program flash, 1,024 bytes of EEPROM data memory, an a/d converter with up to 16 channels and 10 bits of resolution, five capture/compare/PWM modules, two 8-bit and three 16-bit timers, dual analog comparators, and a parallel slave port (PSP).The MCUs also offer a watch-dog timer, programmable brown-out detection/reset, programmable 16-level low-voltage detection, a 4x PLL, and numerous serial I/O features. They can deliver up to 10 MIPS performance at 40 MHz and operate over a 2.0V-5.5V range. In 64- and 80-lead TQFPs, the µCs cost from $7.94 to $8.96 each/10,000. For more details, call Ron Cates at MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY, Chandler, AZ. (408) 792-7609.

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