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MCU's On-Chip ADC And PWM Put It In Touch With Real World

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An on-chip, 10-bit A/D converter and pulse-width modulator team up with an 8051-type microcontroller core to enable the DS87C550 microcontroller to meet a wide variety of real-world applications. The MCU is said to exert faster, more flexible control over a multitude of analog devices.The DS87C550 offers efficient instruction execution that eliminates wasted clock and memory cycles. As a result, the chip is said to execute 8051 instructions up to three times faster than the original 8051 architecture at the same crystal speed. A maximum crystal speed of 33 MHz gives the MCU an apparent execution speed of up to 99 MHz. A single-cycle instruction executes in just 121 ns. The device's 10-bit A/D converter accepts up to eight channels of analog input. It also offers four channels of 8-bit pulse-width modulation, two of which can be cascaded for 16-bit resolution.

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