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Measurement Suite Targets High-Speed Digital Designs

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An integrated suite of instruments and accessories is poised to provide digital design and embedded software engineers with robust acquisition performance, customized measurements and depth of analysis for debug, verification and characterization of their next-generation computing designs. The suite includes the TLA 714/720 portable and benchtop logic analyzers, the TDS 694C digital storage scope and complementary probes.With up to 16 Mbytes of memory, the analyzers enable up to 408 channels to be merged for working with today's CPUs. Up to 680 channels are available on a single mainframe for multi-bus applications. The TDS 694C DSO is said to be the only instrument that provides 3-GHz single-shot bandwidth on all four of its channels simultaneously. It offers accurate signal-timing measurements to 15 ps, it's claimed. A full-bandwidth active probe and 1.5-GHz differential probe are available.

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