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Megafunction Program Targets 64-Bit PCI Bus

The 64-bit PCI Bus Target megafunction, developed by PLD Applications of Paris, France, runs at speeds of 33 MHz in compliance with PCI Local Bus specification v2.1 and supports burst transfers up to 266 Mb/s. Altera has verified this megafunction and recommends it for applications such as networking and wireless communications that require high-speed data transfer. The interface between this PCI megafunction and external user application is realized through an internal back-end design built from PLD's free resources. The PCI Bus Target megafunction provides a simple and flexible interface between the PCI bus and a user-developed back-end design. The megafunction comes with a set of back-end reference designs available in Altera Hardware Description Language or VHDL that designers can use as is or customize for any project.

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