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Metric Knockout Enclosures Satisfy EN50262 Requirements

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The company has redesigned select enclosure families to include metric knockouts that meet the EN50262 standard. Metric knockouts enable the installation of cables, cord grips, conduit adapters, and entry spouts while maintaining a sealed enclosure with protected components. The knockouts are factory molded and are removed easily and quickly after scoring. The new metric knockouts are available in Abox, AK, AKL and Nautic enclosure families with sizes ranging from 2.56" x 2.56" up to 35.43" x 11.81". Metric knockouts are also available upon request for the TK Series. All new enclosures feature integral lid seals that guarantee IP 65 protection with the use of appropriate cord grips. Prices range from $4.71 to $240.53.

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