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Microchip-Controlled Fan Speeds Time To Market

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Designed for the networking and telecom markets, the 5910PL axial fan employs a microchip to control a variety of fan functions. The company believes this results in faster time to market, since custom prototypes can be turned around quickly. The microchip consists of discrete components assembled into one programmable component, with firmware used to control and communicate with the fan and to provide flexibility for design changes in future products.
The 5910PL's programmable functions include speed control, low-speed and locked-rotor alarm, and inrush current limit. It delivers up to 290 CFM. Failure rate is stated as less than 60 ppm, based on actual field test data. Size of the unit is 173 mm x 150 mm x 25 mm. The fan's pricing varies based on features and order volume.

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