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Microcontroller Family Enhances Power-Saving Features, IAP, And Security

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The company's SuperFlash-based FlashFlex51 family of 8-bit, 8051-compatible microcontrollers has been enhanced with additional power-saving features, improved in-application programming (IAP), and extended security modes. Two new devices, the SST89C54 and the SST89C58 offer the enhancements.
In the power-saving mode, the clock is stopped and current dissipation is reduced to 15 µA. The new power mode also includes a wake-up-with-interrupt feature.
The enhanced IAP uses a dual memory-bank architecture that allows the CPU to run user programs from one bank while concurrently servicing a flash programming operation in the background on the other bank. And the SoftLock security protection mode prevents both accidental overwriting of program memory and software piracy, while still enabling secure IAP operation. Pricing for the SST89C54 and SST89C58 is $2.95 and $3.92, respectively, each /10,000.

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