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Microconverters Provide Large Memory And DAQ Functions

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Offered as the industry's first large-memory microconverter, ADuC824B2 is suitable for sensor applications requiring less than 0.0015% accuracy and for making direct TC/RTD strain-gauge connections. The 24-bit data acquisition system includes 62 KB of flash/EE program memory, 4.125 KB of Flash/EE data memory, 256 bytes of RAM, and 2 KB of extended data RAM.
Other features of the microconverters include high-resolution sigma delta A/D converters, a 12-bit D/A converter, a temperature sensor, PGA, 8-bit microcontroller, a two-channel PWM, and a PLL. The company is also introducing the AduC812S, the newest member of its MicroConverter family of data acquisition system-on-a-chip ICs for sensor-based applications. The ADuC812S is a 12-bit data acquisition system incorporating on-chip a self-calibrating multichannel A/D converter, an eight-bit microcontroller, two 12-bit D/A converters, and program/data flash/EE memory. The device operates from a 32 kHz crystal with an on-chip PLL and operates from a single 3V or 5V supply. When operating from a 3V supply, its power dissipation is below 10 mW. The ADuC824B2 in a 52-pin PQFP costs less than $12.50 each/1,000 and the ADuC812S costs less than $4.50.

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