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Microprocessor Targets High Bandwidth Applications

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Designed for high-performance, high-bandwidth applications and employing AltiVec technology, the MPC7410 is the second of the company's fourth-generation, G4 PowerPC microprocessors. The device supports full symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) capabilities and implements the high-bandwidth MPX system bus, capable of achieving data rates up to 6.4 Gb/s. A unique L2 private memory mode allows the choice of operating the processor's L2 cache as either a fast backside cache or as high-speed system memory. Compatible with the entire PowerPC family dating to 1991, the MPC7410 is the first device in the series to be manufactured in the HiPerMOS 6 (HiP6) 0.18-µm copper fabrication process. Available in 400, 450 and 500 MHz versions, pricing is $95, $135 and $195 respectively, each/10,000.

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