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Mini Dual Log Amp Suits Commercial Applications

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With a standard center frequency of 200 MHz and an operating bandwidth of at least 20 MHz, Model MCWL-4-4538 is a pair of matched miniature logarithmic amplifiers that also features log linearity of ±0.75 dB typical. The log video slope is 25 ±1.5 mV/dB as defined by the best fit straight line of the video output voltage, measured over the typical input signal range of -67 to +3 dBm. The channel-to-channel isolation between pairs is specified at 50 dB minimum. The unit requires a power supply of 5V or 6V, with total consumption of about 2W. It's housed in a dual flat pack with a surface area of about 1.3 in. sq. Mounting is accomplished via four through-hole threaded flanges and overall thickness is less than 0.22".

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