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Mini IR Temp Sensor Handles Up To 180°C Without Cooling

Mini IR Temp Sensor Handles Up To 180°C Without Cooling

A high ambient version of an infrared pyrometer developed by Omega Engineering, measuring a mere 18 by 45 mm, can withstand temperatures of up to 180°C (365°F). No water or air cooling is required, which saves both power and cost. A variety of optics allows the sensor to focus on small or large targets at short or long distances. A low-noise interconnecting cable is resistant to interference from movement, which suits the device for mounting on robot arms. Screen color-changing capabilities indicate alarm mode, and there’s an optional touchscreen for temperature indication and configuration. When fitted with a MicroSD card, the pyrometer also functions as a data logger, enabling the recording of process temperatures for quality assurance and traceability. Output options include 4- to 20-mA RS-485 Modbus and alarm relays that are rated at 24 V dc. Target applications include those within the food and pharmaceutical industries.


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