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Mini Laser Bars Optimized For Fiber Coupling

The new generation of mini laser bars offers exceptional brilliance in the 910- to 1020-nm wavelength range. The bars have been optimized for fiber injection. Their output and beam parameters have been closely matched so that the powerful light beam, which leaves the small laser aperture at a defined angle, can be perfectly coupled into a small fiber core diameter with a restricted acceptance angle. The mini laser bars are available in various application-specific families, with fill factors of 10% to 20% and typical efficiencies of up to 65%. An example is the SPL BF series, which has a fill factor of 10% and provides up to 8 W per emitter at an emitter width of 100 µm, with slow-axis divergence of less than 7° (the value applies to 95% output). The maximum output compatible with long life is about 12 W per 100-µm emitter. Samples are available now with production scheduled for early 2010. OSRAM OPTO SEMICONDUCTORS INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (866) 993-5211.


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