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Mini UPS Delivers One Hour Of Backup Power

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Touted as the next generation of line-interactive UPSs, the Ellipse Premium line offers backup power for workstations and servers in packages up to 50% smaller and lighter than comparable systems. Though compact in sizeÑonly 3" deepÑ, the UPSs are said to pack enough battery power to keep a Windows NT server running for up to an hour, depending on configuration. Microprocessor controlled charging extends battery life up to 50%, while smart battery management assures advanced warning when batteries eventually need replacement. To further maximize battery life, the units feature an advanced voltage regulator that allows the UPS to ride through deviations in input voltage without discharging the battery during momentary brown-outs. Available in power partings from 500 to 1,200 VA, pricing starts at $220. MGE UPS SYSTEMS INC., Costa Mesa, CA. (800) 523-0142.

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