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Miniature Connectors Hold On Tight

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Mating precision parts molded from DuPont Zenite LCP liquid crystal polymer resin play a key role in the space-saving design of new miniature balun connectors for digital transmission lines. Developed by AC&E Pty. Ltd. of Australia, the miniature baluns promise reliable connections and impedance matching between unbalanced 75-ohm coaxial cable and balanced 120-ohm twisted pair cable. The mini-series baluns are reported as being 1/3 smaller in diameter than conventional baluns and can be array-mounted with center distances just 11 mm apart. One of the two parts molded Zenite LCP, the base, also has to withstand short-term exposure to a temperature of 260° during soldering of tiny metal terminals in factory assembly of the coax side of the connector. The twisted pair side of the connector uses the other LCP part, call a stuffer cap. The baluns are offered in low and high-speed versions with bit rates of 2, 8, 34 or 155 Mbps.

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